Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Gimp… Or GIMP?!

In “Gimp… Or GIMP?!” Langley asks in his usual polite and calm manner that you be more specific when posting an online ad for a “gimp” so as to limit everyone’s overall embarrassment, especially those poor homo-gnomes.

What the —- Is This —- ?!

In “What the —- Is This —- ?!” Langley discovers a glob of mysterious brown stuff on his phone at the ol’ day job.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Talking Like That!

In “Stop Talking Like That!” Langley bitches about the way some people talk. It’s the shortest and most annoying episode so far.

ALAB Podcast: Lauren Graham Frenched Me!

In “Lauren Graham Frenched Me!” Langley recounts a brief but sultry encounter with the hottest Gilmore Girl and a cheeky monkey.


In “Circle, Jerk!” Langley learns the rules of the road when driving in a Roundabout.


In “Running On Excitement!” Langley explains why it’s important to remember even the dumbest of holidays during a financially challenging time, and why diamonds are not his best friend.

ALAB Podcast: Moooove Along, Little Dogie!

In “Mooooove Along, Little Dogie!” Langley takes us on a journey 6 miles from his apartment that ultimately took over an hour, and gave up for another soothing dose of cold medicine.

ALAB Podcast: Count Down!

In “Count Down!” Langley counts down the ‘best of’ 2016 ALAB episodes!

ALAB Podcast: Cover Your Mouth!

In “Cover Your Mouth!” Langley has a cold and coughs a lot, and he’s pissed about it.

ALAP Podcast: Merry Christmas and Shit!

In “Merry Christmas and Shit!” Langley catches us up on the past two weeks of Construction Destruction after having to skip a week due to technical difficulties, tells us about his new laptop, and wishes us all a happy holiday…  Especially poor Ukraine Mary.

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