Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Gimp… Or GIMP?!

In “Gimp… Or GIMP?!” Langley asks in his usual polite and calm manner that you be more specific when posting an online ad for a “gimp” so as to limit everyone’s overall embarrassment, especially those poor homo-gnomes.

What the —- Is This —- ?!

In “What the —- Is This —- ?!” Langley discovers a glob of mysterious brown stuff on his phone at the ol’ day job.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Talking Like That!

In “Stop Talking Like That!” Langley bitches about the way some people talk. It’s the shortest and most annoying episode so far.

ALAB Podcast: Lauren Graham Frenched Me!

In “Lauren Graham Frenched Me!” Langley recounts a brief but sultry encounter with the hottest Gilmore Girl and a cheeky monkey.


In “Circle, Jerk!” Langley learns the rules of the road when driving in a Roundabout.


In “Running On Excitement!” Langley explains why it’s important to remember even the dumbest of holidays during a financially challenging time, and why diamonds are not his best friend.


In “THE VD EPISODE!” Langley highlights the history of Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, throughout American history.

ALAB Podcast: Coming In Loud and Clear!

In “Coming In Loud and Clear!” Langley explains why the convenience of being able to talk on the cellphone at any given moment isn’t always convenient, and now has a craving for chicken. Plus, a very special announcement from the Producers.

ALAB Podcast: Moooove Along, Little Dogie!

In “Mooooove Along, Little Dogie!” Langley takes us on a journey 6 miles from his apartment that ultimately took over an hour, and gave up for another soothing dose of cold medicine.

ALAB Podcast: Count Down!

In “Count Down!” Langley counts down the ‘best of’ 2016 ALAB episodes!

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