Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Electrical Tape?!

In “Electrical Tape?!” Langley discovers that he got the shaft from a dirty, filthy, ball washing bastard, and not in any sort of gratifying pornographic sort of way.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Talking Like That!

In “Stop Talking Like That!” Langley bitches about the way some people talk. It’s the shortest and most annoying episode so far.

ALAB Podcast: Coming In Loud and Clear!

In “Coming In Loud and Clear!” Langley explains why the convenience of being able to talk on the cellphone at any given moment isn’t always convenient, and now has a craving for chicken. Plus, a very special announcement from the Producers.

ALAB Podcast: Count Down!

In “Count Down!” Langley counts down the ‘best of’ 2016 ALAB episodes!

ALAB Podcast: Morning Mariachi! (aka Jack THIS Hammer pt.DOS)

In “Morning Mariachi!” Langley continues his 4 part rant about the ongoing earthquake safety construction at his apartment complex, and delights us with a pelvic thrusting Mariachi wake up.

ALAB Podcast: Give Me the Job!

In “Give Me the Job!,” Langley describes a challenging job interview upon the realization that certain foods should be avoided prior to important meetings in order to evade embarrassing situations.

ALAB Podcast: Service With A Smile

In “Service With A Smile,” Langley risks never being able to eat in a restaurant again by complaining about pissy hosts.

ALAB Podcast: I Should Have Stayed Home

In “I Should Have Stayed Home,” Langley simultaneously deals with multiple idiots while trying to find a parking space.

ALAB Podcast: Langley Goes to Hollywood (Blvd)

In “Langley Goes To Hollywood (Blvd),” Langley goes to Hollywood Blvd. Was that not clear from the title? He takes you on a ride down Hollywood Blvd in heavy traffic. Which ends up being about one block.


In “Yo Fault,” Langley talks about the perils of parallel parking in Los Angeles.

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