Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Electrical Tape?!

In “Electrical Tape?!” Langley discovers that he got the shaft from a dirty, filthy, ball washing bastard, and not in any sort of gratifying pornographic sort of way.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Talking Like That!

In “Stop Talking Like That!” Langley bitches about the way some people talk. It’s the shortest and most annoying episode so far.

ALAB Podcast: Lauren Graham Frenched Me!

In “Lauren Graham Frenched Me!” Langley recounts a brief but sultry encounter with the hottest Gilmore Girl and a cheeky monkey.

ALAB Podcast: Langley Goes to Hollywood (Blvd)

In “Langley Goes To Hollywood (Blvd),” Langley goes to Hollywood Blvd. Was that not clear from the title? He takes you on a ride down Hollywood Blvd in heavy traffic. Which ends up being about one block.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Calling Me

In “Stop Calling Me,” Langley offers advice on ending bot calls from political campaigns.

ALAB Podcast: Wait for the Punchline!

In “Wait for the Punchline!” Langley complains about people interrupting his moments of comedic genius and ruining the punchline. Then, explains the basic structure of comedy, and tells a joke that’s more than just “meh.”

ALAB Podcast: My Dating Life

Langley recounts a time in which he thought he had a date, but instead shelled out money on some other guy’s girl.  He also makes a reference to one of the best tv shows ever, Californication.