Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

What the —- Is This —- ?!

In “What the —- Is This —- ?!” Langley discovers a glob of mysterious brown stuff on his phone at the ol’ day job.

ALAB Podcast: Stop Talking Like That!

In “Stop Talking Like That!” Langley bitches about the way some people talk. It’s the shortest and most annoying episode so far.


In “Circle, Jerk!” Langley learns the rules of the road when driving in a Roundabout.


In “THE VD EPISODE!” Langley highlights the history of Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, throughout American history.

ALAB Podcast: Moooove Along, Little Dogie!

In “Mooooove Along, Little Dogie!” Langley takes us on a journey 6 miles from his apartment that ultimately took over an hour, and gave up for another soothing dose of cold medicine.

ALAB Podcast: Count Down!

In “Count Down!” Langley counts down the ‘best of’ 2016 ALAB episodes!

ALAP Podcast: Merry Christmas and Shit!

In “Merry Christmas and Shit!” Langley catches us up on the past two weeks of Construction Destruction after having to skip a week due to technical difficulties, tells us about his new laptop, and wishes us all a happy holiday…  Especially poor Ukraine Mary.

ALAB podcast: Jack THIS Hammer!

In “Jack THIS Hammer!” Langley gets pissy about earthquake safety and his shitty computer that’s destroying the production quality of this show.

ALAB Podcast: Give Me the Job!

In “Give Me the Job!,” Langley describes a challenging job interview upon the realization that certain foods should be avoided prior to important meetings in order to evade embarrassing situations.

ALAB Podcast: Jamaica’n Me Angry!

In “Jamaica’n Me Angry!,” Langley educates us on the process of applying for a typical day job, and getting his number snagged by a telemarketer from Jamaica.

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