Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Move It!

In “Move It!,” Langley sings a song and complains about stupid drivers.

ALAB Podcast: Paula Abdul

In “Paula Abdul,” Langley attempts a couple of foreign languages, and goes on a search for a very important memento of self discovery from his teenage years.

ALAB Podcast: Ocupado!

In “Ocupado!,” Langley gives his perspective on the use of public restrooms and those people who lack the mental capacity to understand what a locked door means.


ALAB Podcast: Movie Etiquette

In “Movie Etiquette,” Langley offers his three rules that everyone should abide by to observe proper Movie Theatre Etiquette. He also attempts to break the record for most times using the “F” word in under 6 minutes.


ALAB Podcast: Dumb Ass (aka Call Me Daddy)

In “Dumb Ass (aka Call Me Daddy),” Langley recounts his latest dating tragedy involving champagne, S&M, online education of various uses for silk ties, and being an all around dumb ass. There’s new intro music, too!

ALAB Podcast: Rude People

“Rude,” Langley cusses a lot and talks about how rude people can be, dealing with insecurities, and clown sex.

ALAB Podcast: Getting Crepe`ed On

In his very first podcast episode, Langley discusses a very traumatic brunch experience, and the incestual relationships between silverware.

ALAB Podcast: Conversations in Coffee Shops (aka The Choking Girl)

“The Choking Girl,” Langley discusses a conversation he overheard in a coffee shop while contemplating his life options.

ALAB Podcast: My Dating Life

Langley recounts a time in which he thought he had a date, but instead shelled out money on some other guy’s girl.  He also makes a reference to one of the best tv shows ever, Californication.

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