Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: Stop Calling Me

In “Stop Calling Me,” Langley offers advice on ending bot calls from political campaigns.

ALAB Podcast: Chewed Fingernail

In “Chewed Fingernail,” Langley is on a mission to find out who left him a disgusting present.  He also recounts an old roommate issue.

ALAB Podcast: Go **** Your Selfie (aka the clean episode)

In “Go **** Your Selfie,” Langley complains about strangers taking selfies in public and catching him in the background doing embarrassing things.  This is the most clean and sharable episode you’re ever gonna get.

ALAB Podcast: Can I Get A Lift?

In “Can I Get A Lift?,” Langley tries to avoid getting Staphylococcus by plea-ing for more sanitary peeing. Potty etiquette is everything.

ALAB Podcast: Bird Shit

In “Bird Shit,” Langley talks more about his pathetic dating life, how other people’s migraines interfere with his sex life, and asks why do birds love to shit on his car.  He even references Gulliver’s Travels.

ALAB Podcast: Wait for the Punchline!

In “Wait for the Punchline!” Langley complains about people interrupting his moments of comedic genius and ruining the punchline. Then, explains the basic structure of comedy, and tells a joke that’s more than just “meh.”

ALAB Podcast: Tequila Mockingbird

In “Tequila Mockingbird,” Langley shares a story of a buddy who recently got his heart broken. There’s also a sad love song and a parrot.

ALAB Podcast: Short

In “Short,” Langley discusses size issues, working in retail, and stupid people saying stupid things.  And there’s a song. #ShortLivesMatter

ALAB Podcast: In the Lap of (some D-bag’s) Luxury

In “…Luxury,” Langley flashes back to his very first girlfriend and the startling and unexpected discovering her love for hot dogs in a luxury extended cab pickup truck.


ALAB Podcast: Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!

In this bonus episode, “Happy Birthday, ‘Merica,” Langley self indulgently reflects on one of his own birthdays, but ultimately makes a point after much unnecessary B.S. and wishes you all a happy 4th.

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