Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: We The People!

In this departure from his normal ranting, “We The People!,” Langley attempts to offer some sense of hope for anyone feeling heartbroken and afraid after the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

ALAB Podcast: Give Me the Job!

In “Give Me the Job!,” Langley describes a challenging job interview upon the realization that certain foods should be avoided prior to important meetings in order to evade embarrassing situations.

ALAB Podcast: Give Me Some Validation!

In “Give Me Some Validation,” Langley gets his panties in a knot over the parking meters and parking deck fees in his new home city.

ALAB Podcast: Service With A Smile

In “Service With A Smile,” Langley risks never being able to eat in a restaurant again by complaining about pissy hosts.

ALAB Podcast: I Should Have Stayed Home

In “I Should Have Stayed Home,” Langley simultaneously deals with multiple idiots while trying to find a parking space.

ALAB Podcast: Jamaica’n Me Angry!

In “Jamaica’n Me Angry!,” Langley educates us on the process of applying for a typical day job, and getting his number snagged by a telemarketer from Jamaica.

ALAB Podcast: Langley Goes to Hollywood (Blvd)

In “Langley Goes To Hollywood (Blvd),” Langley goes to Hollywood Blvd. Was that not clear from the title? He takes you on a ride down Hollywood Blvd in heavy traffic. Which ends up being about one block.


In “Yo Fault,” Langley talks about the perils of parallel parking in Los Angeles.

ALAB PODCAST: “Ducking Automatic Erect!”

In “Ducking Automatic Erect,” Langley freaks the duck out over the way technology insists on changing the words he types to things that make no funning sense. Download this Injuns ahead on the trail episode for all the fudge.

ALAB Podcast: Hotel No Sleep For Ya

In “Hotel No Sleep For Ya,” Langley entertains us with his recent cross country adventure.  His head grew heavy and his sight grew dim, he had to stop for the night… At a crap hotel where sleep was not allowed.

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