Ain't Life a Bitch

life's a bitch

ALAB Podcast: —- Your Truck!

In “—- Your Truck!” Langley explains why it’s wrong for people with SUVs to forget that other people on the roads actually exist, and why he doesn’t want to die wearing stained underwear.

ALAB Podcast: Coming In Loud and Clear!

In “Coming In Loud and Clear!” Langley explains why the convenience of being able to talk on the cellphone at any given moment isn’t always convenient, and now has a craving for chicken. Plus, a very special announcement from the Producers.

ALAB Podcast: Moooove Along, Little Dogie!

In “Mooooove Along, Little Dogie!” Langley takes us on a journey 6 miles from his apartment that ultimately took over an hour, and gave up for another soothing dose of cold medicine.

ALAB Podcast: Count Down!

In “Count Down!” Langley counts down the ‘best of’ 2016 ALAB episodes!

ALAB Podcast: Cover Your Mouth!

In “Cover Your Mouth!” Langley has a cold and coughs a lot, and he’s pissed about it.

ALAP Podcast: Merry Christmas and Shit!

In “Merry Christmas and Shit!” Langley catches us up on the past two weeks of Construction Destruction after having to skip a week due to technical difficulties, tells us about his new laptop, and wishes us all a happy holiday…  Especially poor Ukraine Mary.

ALAB Podcast: Technical Difficulties

Check back next week for an all new episode of the ALAB podcast.

ALAB Podcast: Morning Mariachi! (aka Jack THIS Hammer pt.DOS)

In “Morning Mariachi!” Langley continues his 4 part rant about the ongoing earthquake safety construction at his apartment complex, and delights us with a pelvic thrusting Mariachi wake up.

ALAB podcast: Jack THIS Hammer!

In “Jack THIS Hammer!” Langley gets pissy about earthquake safety and his shitty computer that’s destroying the production quality of this show.

ALAB Podcast: Brad Cock Blocked My Funny Turkey Episode!

In “Brad Cock Blocked My Funny Turkey Episode!” Langley asks his wonderful listeners to help children have a Christmas this year. Damn you for feeling, Brad!

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